Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well hello world... Welcome to the official RED INK BLOG...

For those of you who are not yet aware of the RED INK epidemic, ill briefly outline below..

We, RED INK, are a 4 piece indie band based in Melbourne's sunny Mornington Peninsula.. With addictive songs and overwhelmingly vibrant live shows, we have began to attract the attention of both idustry figure-heads and live music-goers alike..

This blog is set up to inform the above mentioned on what's happening in the life of RED INK.. We will aim to post weekly with info highlighting the best in gigs, recording, pics etc... All thing RED INK..

So yeh, blog post number one nearly completed, we welcome you and hope that you spread the love, and the name: RED INK..

oh and just to kick things off, here's a couple of pics taken by Josh Brown on the weekend of our Christmas show.. enjoy.


  1. woo yeh.. fun times to be had.

  2. Awsome keen to see some more cool photos and hear your world domination stories. Great work!

  3. A man walks into a Cd shop at about 2:30 on sunny day. Walks to you the counter and says to the Worker "Ink it!"
    The worker replied "What colour?"
    The man replays says loudly "RED!"