Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Show review from

Hey guys, stumbled across this review on the weekend... its pretty cool.. These guys, get something like 50,000+ hits a week.. But yeh, check it out..
ps, studi pics to come soon. very funny, trust me

Red Ink
w/ MojoRising, Dead Actos Club
Saturday, December 13 2008 @ Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy
by marc

Anyway, Red Ink bounded forth a short while later and my night finally looked up. To say that this is one of Melbourne’s hottest unsinged bands is an understatement, and I am yet to leave a show of theirs disappointed. There is a genuineness to their pop-rock that is wholly endearing; unlike the previous band, no pretensions whatsoever can be detected. Lead singer John Jakubenko bounces around the stage without a hint of self-consciousness, his tenor range soaring all the while. With all his entertaining movements and emotive top notes, Jakubenko is surely is one of the more accomplished performers I’ve seen for less than fifty dollars. If I had but one minor complaint, it would be that I’d like to see his hands away from the synthesizer more often, leaving him free to move. A minor concern though. As a unit, Red Ink look truly comfortable and cohesive as they deliver their set with the right mix of precision and looseness. The band’s newer songs are less hook-oriented and slightly more challenging, giving their set, which is otherwise full of ever-so-catchy tunes like Love on a Park Bench and An Elaborate Plan to Run Away, a fuller, more complete feel. Watching the lads simply enjoy putting on a show is something that makes it near impossible for the audience to have anything less than a memorable experience at a Red Ink show. This surely is one band to keep your eyes on.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

studio tomorrow..

So alot of you my already know, but as of tomorrow, we are heading back into the studio with Tom Larkin (Shihad, Young & Restless, Getaway Plan etc).. We are spending the next 4 days recording the tracks for our upcoming EP release to go to air Feb 09.. 2 of the tracks will be Audrey and Going Insane with more to be announced.. We are particularly stoked about these tracks and know you will be too. For those at the Christmas Party, you will have already heard these tracks.. For the rest of you, get excited. haha

We will pop up pics/video diaries over the next few days of our time in the studio.. It's very very exciting. For now, i leave you with a little collage of some of our cooler moments over the last year..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well hello world... Welcome to the official RED INK BLOG...

For those of you who are not yet aware of the RED INK epidemic, ill briefly outline below..

We, RED INK, are a 4 piece indie band based in Melbourne's sunny Mornington Peninsula.. With addictive songs and overwhelmingly vibrant live shows, we have began to attract the attention of both idustry figure-heads and live music-goers alike..

This blog is set up to inform the above mentioned on what's happening in the life of RED INK.. We will aim to post weekly with info highlighting the best in gigs, recording, pics etc... All thing RED INK..

So yeh, blog post number one nearly completed, we welcome you and hope that you spread the love, and the name: RED INK..

oh and just to kick things off, here's a couple of pics taken by Josh Brown on the weekend of our Christmas show.. enjoy.