Tuesday, December 16, 2008

studio tomorrow..

So alot of you my already know, but as of tomorrow, we are heading back into the studio with Tom Larkin (Shihad, Young & Restless, Getaway Plan etc).. We are spending the next 4 days recording the tracks for our upcoming EP release to go to air Feb 09.. 2 of the tracks will be Audrey and Going Insane with more to be announced.. We are particularly stoked about these tracks and know you will be too. For those at the Christmas Party, you will have already heard these tracks.. For the rest of you, get excited. haha

We will pop up pics/video diaries over the next few days of our time in the studio.. It's very very exciting. For now, i leave you with a little collage of some of our cooler moments over the last year..

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